Never Say Never Foundation - a 501c3 not-for-profit organization

Clean out your closets for Never Say Never Foundation's 1st Annual Clothing Drive! Send us your gently used soft items (clothing, shoes,linens, towels, etc) by November 21st or contact us and we'll be happy to pick up! FILL A BAG. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Savers will donate 20 cents per pound for every bag we collect and weigh in on 22nd. Contact Judy Baier at for questions, or reply here.

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ROC the Day - Never Say Never
A child lives in a world of wonder, awe and innocence. For some, happiness and hardship come in measured doses...Never Say Never Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to provi...
A child lives in a world of wonder, awe and innocence.

For some, happiness and hardship 
come in measured doses...

Never Say Never Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable service organization dedicated to providing life-enriching, horse related activities and riding to children and teens living with long term illness, special needs or other serious life challenges.
For families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer, long term illness, or who may be suffering from other life challenges, trauma or setbacks, we seek to provide both instructional and fun horse oriented activities and events that lift children’s spirits, encourage personal healing and enhance self empowerment. Our horse related activities provide special time away from home and/or the hospital for kids who can use a distraction from the everyday challenges and pain they may be facing.

Our equine assisted activities program was created to connect the healing and unconditional love of horses to the children who need them...
Never Say Never also serves at-risk youth, children with Autism, Aspberger’s, ADHD, OCD, GAD, Cerebral Palsy, developmental disabilities, Downs Syndrome, visual or hearing impairment, physical disabilities, learning difficulties, social or emotional challenges, as well as children and teens facing life transitions such as divorce, loss, neglect, abuse or trauma.

Never Say Never Foundation promises children the opportunity to ride and interact with horses in a safe and caring environment. Our volunteers are compassionate, supportive and give encouragement and assistance to children and teens in need.

Never Say Never Foundation is a wonderful opportunity for children and teens who are suffering to find solace and comfort in the healing presence of our horses and ponies.